Save Time. Save Money. Save the Sump

Icon is exclusively focused on Sump Leak Repair Solutions. Our expertise and range of solutions for any configuration of equipment is unmatched. At Icon, we provide the most simple possible leak repair with proven applications that provide a permanent solution for the sump.


Repair, don’t replace. Save time. Save money. Save the Sump!


Making leak repair Simple, Proven, and Permanent

The world’s leading UST and AST containment leak repair products.

Repair & Test Fittings

Resolve sump leaks with Icon’s certified repair fittings.

EasyFit Watertight Lids

Watertight sump lids made with fiberglass.

Sump Structural Repair

Repair damaged sumps with Icon’s simple and permanent solutions.


Water Block Solutions

Stop water leaks with advanced materials.

Watertight Manhole Covers

Low maintenance composite manhole covers.

Sump Test Water Filtration

Filter and treat sump test water from hydrostatic testing.