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Portable TPH Filtration/Testing System

Reduce your costs and hassle of handling UST system sump test water from hydrostatic testing (PEI RP1200).  Generally, this water is considered hazardous, with possible petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in the form of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX).  Reduce the total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) level below the federal hazardous threshold (US EPA 40 CFR) using an effective process and testing with the Icon portable TPH Filtration/Testing System.  This system provides documentable and quantitative results as recognized by EPA (EPA/530/UST-90-003 9/90 “Field Measurements Dependable Data When You Need It”).
It is the responsibility of the “generator of a waste” to make a “knowledgeable determination” as to the hazardous status. Consult with your state or local water authority for disposal guidelines.  Consistent with all of Icon products, direct training, technical support, and regulatory intercession is offered to TPH Filtration/Testing System users.

Features & Benefits

  • Carbon Filtering Reduces TPH (BTEX) Below Federal Threshold 
  • Non-Corrosive, All Stainless Steel Filter Components 
  • Affordable, Disposable Filters 
  • Single or Double-Filter Element Adaptor Included 
  • Quick Connection to Your Existing Pump System 
  • Durable Storage and Easy Portability
  • EPA Recognized “Hanby” Field Testing Methodology 
  • Smartphone App for Immediate, On-Site Results* 
  • Savable .pdf Report Documentation

*For most accurate test results, the use of Hanby mobile app is recommended ($30 per month subscription)

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