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SplitRepair SnapLock Flange Fitting Kit: Standard 4-Bolt Conduit

SnapLock is a new and innovative design from Icon that further simplifies the installation of SplitRepair fittings inside UST secondary containment sumps. SplitRepair fittings and the bonding process provide an incredible advantage by eliminating the requirement to disconnect pipe to repair/replace existing defective fittings. This SnapLock Flange design fitting installs directly over a Standard 4-bolt conduit sump entry fitting after the existing rubber has been removed or mostly removed, depending on design. It can also be tek-screwed to a sump where the bolt pattern is missing or has been removed. All flexible SplitRepair fittings from Icon are manufactured with ProTex material, easily the most durable flexible fitting material developed for our industry. Simple, Proven, and Permanent repair installations are always the goal for solutions from Icon.

SplitRepair SplitLock Conduit Repair Fitting by Icon Containment Solutions





  • SplitRepair eliminates disconnection of pipe
  • More cost-effective than equipment replacement
  • PROTEX material provides permanent performance
  • SnapLock simplifies split-bonding even more
  • Independently tested to exceed industry standards, All-Fuels compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty on materials degradation

Repair Kits also available for:





Large Diameter Pipe

Shallow Pan


Adhesives, Bonders, & Tools


Approximate volume for reference materials used with the fitting design referenced above are as follow: FastFuse – 1 can per 6-8 fittings; Sikaflex – 1 tube per 6-8 fittings

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