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EasyFit Watertight Sump Repair Lid 

The Icon EasyFit repair sump lid resolves the problem of surface water leaking in through the top of a tank sump. EasyFit is a watertight design with a gasket in the lid that is compressed to the frame part of the assembly with a 1/2 turn of cam-lock handles. It’s easily removed for inspection and maintenance. The frame is bonded to HDPE or FRP sump types and may require an adaptor ring depending upon the size of the sump. 





  • Low profile design fits into existing manhole space
  • Simple and quick installation process for reduced cost
  • Bonded frame for permanent sump attachment
  • Easily removed & replaced for inspection entry
  • Lightweight, durable design for long-life performance
  • 5-year warranty
Open Sump - lid taken off
EasyFit sump lid 3c




Please download and complete the EasyFit Worksheet from Icon’s web page to confirm the size and accessories needed for installation. If the sump is polyethylene (HDPE), order (1) PolyFuse bonder cartridge. If fiberglass, order (5) iBond bonder cartridges. View the EasyFit installation instructions here.

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