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Instant Water Block Products

Active water intrusion through leaks in sumps is an obstacle to the repair of the sump. When the water table is high, and repair is required, there are only a few options to resolve the leak in that condition. Pumping down the water table can be problematic and expensive, depending upon the site. Icon FastFoam and WetWeld are unique and effective tools to cost-effectively block the water leak, and temporarily create a dry sump environment so that a permanent leak repair can be installed. 

FastFoam is a two-part, instant water blocking urethane foam that is injected from the inside of the sump to the outside, specifically where the leak is occurring, in order to create a temporary foam block that can stop the water intrusion immediately. When appropriately applied in the right volume, it is highly effective, even when the water pressure is high. It is fully expanded and firm within 15-30 seconds. 

WetWeld is an acrylic-based, two-part putty sealant that has adhesive and curing properties in a wet environment. It is used as a block for small volume, low-pressure seam leaks. It is often used in combination with FastFoam depending upon the circumstances. Both products allow a faster and less expensive approach to sump water intrusion issues that would otherwise prevent a repair at that time. 





  • Instant activation and results
  • Inexpensive and easy to apply solutions
  • More cost-effective than pumping water table
  • Quicker repair time
  • Free training on applications available
  • 1-year shelf life

Icon FastFoam

Icon WetWeld



The conditions of the application can be so varied that training for these products is highly recommended.

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