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SplitRepair Flange Fitting Kits: OPW

SplitRepair sump entry fittings are designed to replace existing fittings that leak as the result of age, degradation, workmanship, or other damage. These fittings can be installed without disconnecting the pipe, breaking concrete, or replacement of the sump container. Flange design repair fittings install directly over Standard, NUPI, UPP, and other specific bolted design sump entry fittings.





  • SplitRepair requires no disconnecting of pipe
  • More cost-effective than equipment replacement
  • PROTEX fitting material permanently split-bonded in one hour
  • Testing can proceed immediately after installation
  • Independently tested to exceed industry standards, All-Fuels compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty
OPW-specific bolted fittings have an obvious curved lip on the outer edge of the metal compression ring. It may be galvanized or brassy in color, but is always the same shape and design. These are unique in size and circumference, different from all other manufacturers.


Approximate volume for referenced materials used with the fittings on this page are as follows: FastFuse – 1 can per 4-6 fittings; Sikaflex – 1 tube per 3-4 fittings

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