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Not rubber. Not urethane. It’s PROTEX.

PROTEX is a revolutionary, innovative material advancement in secondary containment fittings and parts. Finally, a material developed specifically for the harsh conditions found in sumps, containers, vaults, and dispensers. For too long the petroleum industry has relied on urethane and nitrile rubber products to protect against the toxic liquids found in secondary containment systems. Frequent fitting failure and costly damage led Icon to completely rethink a critical component of fittings – the materials used in manufacturing.


ProTex is not rubber and is not urethane (TPU). ProTex is a proprietary co-polymer blend of materials specifically designed for the petroleum industry. It is the ideal material for Icon’s flexible repair fittings as it is compatible with all fuel types including E10, E15, E85, and other biofuels.


Bondable – Icon repair fittings are bondable because ProTex is bondable. Not temporarily held together. Permanently bonded thanks in part to the unique properties of ProTex. It is the SplitRepair fitting because only ProTex can be bonded to last permanently.


Icon backs every fitting and part manufactured with ProTex with a lifetime warranty. When installed correctly, ProTex is made to last the life of the sump. We stand behind the strength of ProTex and look forward to resolving your repair problems.


Click below to see our official ProTex statement as well as the Lifetime Warranty.

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