MwayPro Watertight Manhole Covers 

MwayPro watertight covers are manufactured with leading technology in structural design and materials for composite covers used in the retail fueling and other commercial/industrial applications today. A truly watertight, high strength, and long-lasting design in non-corrosive materials. Competes directly with the Fibrelite FL100/FL90 covers in every critical way. 

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  • High strength to weight ratio — ThruBeam technology
  • Meets EN124, AASHTO M306, and H20/25 load specifications
  • No deflection under specified loads
  • Cleanly installed flush with a concrete surface
  • Best anti-skid, anti-slip surface of all composite covers
  • Clear 42”, 36”, 30”, and 24” inside opening
  • Truly watertight with only minor ongoing maintenance
  • Injury-free and simple removal/replacement
  • Security locking option
  • 5 year warranty
MwayPro Watertight Manhole Cover installation- applying product on edge
MwayPro Watertight Manhole Cover- two men placing parts on base
MwayPro Watertight Manhole Cover- in place
Tool for removing MwayPro Watertight Manhole Cover