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SplitRepair PROTEX Plug Inserts

SplitRepair fittings are designed to replace existing entry fittings that leak as the result of age, degradation, or other damage. These fittings are installed without the disconnecting of pipe, breaking concrete, or replacement of the sump container. Icon Plug Inserts are used in applications where a fitting is being sealed off, or more commonly when a customized pipe entry insert needs to be created in the field. In combination with an Icon hole saw blade, the plug can be cored to match the pipe diameter, position, and entry angle for a custom insert to match the circumstances. Plugs are a useful adaptation when no other manufactured fitting design is specific to the sump entry fitting requirements.





  • PROTEX fitting material permanently split-bonded in one hour
  • Independently tested to exceed industry standards, All-Fuels compatible
  • Testing can proceed immediately after installation
  • Sizes to accommodate any standard fitting opening
  • Customizable to fit any entry requirement
  • Lifetime Warranty


When hole coring a plug, it is best to have iced or frozen the plug prior to cutting so that you have a cleaner cut with less surface melt due to the friction heat created by the blade. Once cored, you can split at the thinner side of your newly created custom insert so that it can split bond around the pipe without disconnection.

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