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SplitRepair PROTEX Test/Reducer Fittings

SplitRepair fittings are designed to replace existing entry fittings that leak as the result of age, degradation, or other damage. These fittings are installed without the disconnecting of pipe, breaking concrete, or replacement of the sump container. Test fittings are intended to transition or reduce from one pipe/cuff surface to another pipe surface for the purpose of closing off the interstitial or open space for a sump test or line integrity test. The various sizes available can be made to fit any combination of outside diameter (OD) of pipe. Available with or without air test, barb, and drain valves; and in split or non-split versions.





  • SplitRepair requires no disconnecting of pipe
  • More cost-effective than equipment replacement
  • PROTEX fitting material permanently split-bonded in one hour
  • Testing can proceed immediately after installation
  • Independently tested to exceed industry standards, All-Fuels compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty



It is commonly required to hydrostatically or otherwise test the sump after repairs have been made. Missing or degraded pipe test fittings may need to be replaced for that testing. Required materials: FastFuse solvent and Sikaflex sealant – 1 each per 10 fittings of this type.

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