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SplitRepair Bonded Fitting Kits: “Rigid”

SplitRepair fittings are designed to replace existing entry fittings that leak as the result of age, degradation, or other damage. These fittings are installed without the disconnecting of pipe, breaking concrete, or replacement of the sump container. Rigid Fittings are permanently bonded directly to sump and pipe where the pipe and sump are fiberglass or steel. The frame is manufactured with fiberglass-filled nylon, and the seal is made with Icon iBond structural adhesive bonder.

Icon SplitRigid 3D Model





  • No disconnecting pipe or excavation necessary
  • Faster, easier, and lower cost installation than competitors
  • Dispensed vs. hand-mixed bonder application
  • Accommodates angled pipe entry
  • Tongue-and-groove fitting connection requires no clamping
  • Installed permanently with structural bonder
  • Test within 30 minutes after installation
  • Independently tested to exceed industry standards, All-Fuels compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty


Everything necessary to install these fitting kits is included except for the dispensing gun (IAC MGUN50). Rigidbonded fittings are designed specifically for FRP or steel sumps and pipes. If you are permanently bonding to flexible pipe, it is best to contact the pipe manufacturer to see if it will void the warranty.

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