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ProTex Statement




In 2010, we set out to discover a material for flexible fittings that will endure the harsh and degrading conditions found in petroleum system secondary containment sumps. The result of extensive research and testing is the revolutionary material “ProTex”.


ProTex is not rubber or urethane (TPU). ProTex is a proprietary co-polymer blend of materials specifically designed for the petroleum industry and Icon’s permanently bonded flexible repair fittings. The core materials have proven to last more than 30 years in similar applications. Based on the results through years of research and field testing, in-sump performance, and independent testing through Underwriter Laboratories and other testing companies, we’re confident that the fittings made from ProTex will last through the life of any petroleum sump in which they are installed.


ProTex provides essential advantages over other flexible materials commonly found in the petroleum industry. ProTex has been proven fully compatible with all of the typical fuel types, including E10, E15, E85, and other biofuels; it is antimicrobial by design to remove microbial corrosion risk; it retains elasticity over time, even after stretching from the original shape; it’s highly UV resistant for greater endurance in exposed above ground environments; it can be manufactured in nearly any configuration to meet design demands for the petroleum industry. Importantly, ProTex is permanently bondable, making it ideal for split design repair fittings.


Today, all Icon repair fittings are more durable than the original fittings that they replace and are guaranteed against material degradation through the life of the sump when they are properly installed by an Icon Certified Installer. They will be the last fittings installed in that sump.

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