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Effective Date: April 15, 2021


Attention Icon Certified Installers: WetWeld is an effective tool for blocking low pressure/volume water intrusion in sumps where a high water table causes active water leaks that may prohibit a repair application. It’s generally used in seams of sumps and around rigid housings of entry fittings or as a filler in areas where you need a fast curing and hardened fill for voids around other Icon repair applications. The unique properties of WetWeld allow it to be adhesive and cure in wet conditions.


Recently, Icon updated the material design to set and cure much faster than the previous version – a very exciting and beneficial improvement. WetWeld now has a specified total cure time of 20 minutes (previously 40 minutes). The set time to the point that it is not as pliable and adhesive has also been cut in half to approximately 3-5 minutes depending upon ambient temperature. This enhancement provides a faster water blocking consistency leading to greater repair success. The application instruction has not changed. Application instructions are as follows:


  1. Clean and prepare the surface area with 40 grit wet sandpaper and scraper as necessary, even while under water or wet.
  2. Mix the two-part material until it is a solid color and let it sit until it gets to the density required to place it – still pliable and adhesive.
  3. Jam and press into place as thickly as is appropriate for the application.
  4. Once cured, cover with a permanent repair application – structural bonder or fitting.


Please contact our technical support team at 855.DRY.SUMP if you have any questions.




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